Samurai ‘Guns Vs Swords’ L/S Loopwheeled Tee (White)
March 05, 2019

Samurai ‘Guns Vs Swords’ L/S Loopwheeled Tee (White)

Choose your side!

Here we have another unique artwork from Samurai telling the story of the Battle of Nagashino! On the backside you’ll see the super detailed screen print, this level of clarity is seriously difficult! For added depth, they’ve even used white ink.

The artwork itself reminds us of vintage sporting team designs but revised from a Japanese perspective.

With time the super smooth loop wheel fabric will age nicely to a vintage look as the print slowly decays to a ‘well loved’ look.

With extra durable, ribbed cuffs, these are sweatshirt standard construction with t-shirt flexibility!

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