Samurai "Fukuro" Sporty Track Jacket (Black)
April 16, 2024

Samurai "Fukuro" Sporty Track Jacket (Black)

Back on track!

This jacket design is inspired by vintage track jackets, highly popular in Tokyo streetwear style in the early 1990s. While keeping the design minimal, Samurai have updated this classic style with premium construction and attention to detail!

The body of this jacket is constructed with 100% polyester fabric specially developed by Samurai! The touch is silky soft with a slightly irregular texture!

The left side of the chest features a custom embroidered owl design, known as "Fukuro" in Japanese. This symbol has many meanings in Japan and is said to represent "happiness and prosperity" as well as "to be free from hardship and suffering." Other details include the ribbed green stripe patterns which remind us of some vintage sportswear designs. With a twin handwarmer pocket and the zipped high-neck design, this is sure to keep you cosy during the colder months!

If you are looking for a vintage-style sporty track jacket, with premium construction and traditional details, Samurai is a great choice!

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