Samurai 8.5oz "Stamp" Loopwheeled Tee Samurai Tee
September 19, 2023

Samurai 8.5oz "Stamp" Loopwheeled Tee Samurai Tee

Yet again, Samurai is back with some of the industry's best graphic 'ART' tees for you to enjoy!

Those who are familiar with ancient paintings throughout Asia may recognise this one. For each historic owner of famous paintings, works or artefacts, a 'mark of ownership' was added. Typically depicted with red ink, this is Samurai's version. On the front side you can see the iconic 'SAMURAI' stamp applied tonally for a tasteful look.

Slowly woven using vintage loopwheel machines, these tees have a super soft feel that will eventually age to a soulful look with time.

Samurai’s printing technique is super skilful! If you look closely you can see the crisp level of detail and lettering that features varying levels of tone, combining for a marbled look.

For a taste of Japan's vision for pure quality, Samurai is the choice!

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