Samurai 8.5oz "Bizen Butterfly" Loopwheeled Tee
September 19, 2023

Samurai 8.5oz "Bizen Butterfly" Loopwheeled Tee

Yet again, Samurai is back with some of the industry's best graphic 'ART' tees for you to enjoy!

In Japan, family reputations are increasingly important. This tee features the 'Bizen Butterfly' crest which represents the famous shogun -- Ikeda Terumasa, who was born in Bizen, Okayama, Japan. This logo is slowly embroidered from the vintage embroidering machine which gives it a beautiful three-dimensional look.

Slowly woven using vintage loopwheel machines, these tees have a super soft feel that will eventually age to a soulful look with time.

For a taste of Japan's vision for pure quality, Samurai is the choice!

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