April 05, 2023


Samurai have delivered another special edition of 25oz denim, inspired by one of the legendary Samurai warriors of the Sengoku era, Yukimori Yamanaka a.k.a "Kirinji" (child prodigy). Famously born under the harvest moon, Kirinji's helmet bore the crescent moon, and this association has been commonly represented in artistic depictions.

The 25oz denim has been slowly woven using vintage machines which have been specially engineered to handle this ultra-heavyweight denim. The surface is surprisingly super smooth and has a subtle raised feeling. Thanks to the grand indigo yarn dyeing process which has been repeated many times you will see amazingly strong fades like the slash marks of a sharp samurai blade.

The real magic is in the details which echo the golden moon symbol of Kirinji. The back pocket arcuate is hand embroidered with ultra-thick yellow yarns. With time they will age and fray to a soulful look! The gold-lame selvedge I.D glimmers in the dark like the glint of a samurai blade reflecting the moonlight! With time the indigo dye will transfer onto the jacquard twill pocket bags, making the design appear even more 3-dimensional. The ultra-thick cowhide features a custom design of Kirinji wearing his crescent-moon helmet.

To ensure the maximum durability for the 25oz denim, Samurai have constructed the yoke and back rise with triple-stitching. Chain stitch construction and hidden back pocket rivets ensure you can enjoy wearing this denim for many years to come!

If you are after some of the most high-end, heavyweight denim, this is the TOP CUT, no doubt!

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