Samurai 24oz Denim Fishing Stool
January 24, 2018

Samurai 24oz Denim Fishing Stool

If you wear serious garments you need a serious stool! This aint no joke.

As one of the original heavy weight denim companies, Samurai have used a specially created denim for this stool that can withstand even the most difficult of ocean catches. To reinforce the edges, extra thick cowhide leather has been used and will help maintain the stools shape over time. The tripod style legs are built from a high density wood, guaranteed to last!

More than just durable, this functional stool can fold down into a smaller, transportable size. With many hardcore denim details such as the hidden silver red tab and debossed leather detailing, this is a beautifully constructed piece of furniture for your room or next serious adventure!

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