Samurai 17oz Type 1 Denim jacket
April 04, 2019

Samurai 17oz Type 1 Denim jacket

Classic, durable, a solid choice for a Samurai…

The type 1 is a classic inspired from the past and thanks to Samurai’s genius, it’s been brought to a new level.

Using their famous 17oz denim we’ve seen on the S711VX denims, it has an amazing irregular texture with a dotted white look. With time this will age to a vintage indigo, high contrast look. Compared to other denims, this ages slightly quicker so you can catch the ‘fade train express’!

The selvage pocket features their iconic jacquard woven cotton twill fabric. With the red tab, this is a classic you can wear with your chinos or denims for the first class ‘type’ of look.

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