Samurai 17oz Military Jumper Denim Trousers (Straight Tapered fit)
August 23, 2022

Samurai 17oz Military Jumper Denim Trousers (Straight Tapered fit)

Bringing together the genius texture of vintage loom denim with the aggressive vibe of parachute jumping.

At a distance, these may look like fatigue cloth but these are specially developed denim by Samurai. We love to see this kind of vintage inspiration clash with classic USA-style army gear.

This specially developed 17oz Yellow selvage id 'Uguisu' denim has a strong vertical texture with a generous amount of irregular slub. The olive green colour has been sulphur thread dyed and combined with unbleached cotton threads to make up for a 'moss' olive appearance. With wear and washing, you'll see that vertical texture become exaggerated like a forest waterfall. You'll also see some strong contrast as the dyed fibres fade to a lighter shade.

For a straight tapered fit, use the fully customisable leg opening straps. You can also re-size the waist to your liking with the urea button straps. The knee section features a mini-HBT lined panel for extra durability over time. With an iconic, panelled military pocket on the front, welted rear and curved pocket flap, this is a super cool combination of classic designs.

If you're after some super unique military-inspired denim, this is an amazing choice that will age beautifully with time!

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