Samurai 15oz ‘Yamoto’ Type 1 Denim Jacket
March 14, 2018

Samurai 15oz ‘Yamoto’ Type 1 Denim Jacket

Inspired by vintage lee denim jackets, Samurai have taken this classic design into their own Yamoto concept!

To start, this specially developed 15oz denim fabric has been made using 100% Japanese cotton from Matsusaka. This kind of super rare cotton is famously used in traditional Japanese garments. With a long fibre, silky texture and serious strength, this is seriously unique pair we guarantee you have never seen before. Samurai are most likely the only artisans making denims with this grade of fabric. With time the denim will age to a super textured, high contrast look with a silky feeling!

Apart from the fabric, Samurai have really put their passion into the detailing! From the sakura patterned hardware, ‘wagyu' grade leather patch to the triple stitched felled seams this is the art of the Samurai!

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