Samurai 15oz S510HX '47 Denim (Regular Straight Fit)
April 15, 2024

Samurai 15oz S510HX '47 Denim (Regular Straight Fit)

War Time!

Drawing inspiration from the vintage '47 Levi's jeans, Samurai adds its unique textures to the vintage vibe!

Constructed with their 15oz signature "Otokogi" nep denim features an irregular neppy textured surface with a scattered dotted look. Made using short and crispy cotton fibres from Texas and dyed using grand indigo, this pair will age up some strong contrast with time. The texture will also become enhanced with use!

With silver-coated iron buttons, vegetable-tanned goatskin leather patch, chain-stitching run-offs and the iconic silver selvage ID, every detail has been built to get better with time!

If you’re keen to try some of Samurai’s most iconic denim with a '47 regular straight fit, this is it! We guarantee you’ll be a fan of the Samurai way!