Samurai 10oz Indigo Houndtooth B.D Shirt
November 20, 2018

Samurai 10oz Indigo Houndtooth B.D Shirt

As Kanye said “It ain’t Ralph tho’ “ ! This is SAMURAI!

This B.D shirt is inspired by classic Ralph Lauren’s one which has a classic “Samurai General” logo in the left chest pocket!  The 10oz indigo houndtooth fabric is slowly woven from vintage jacquard machine and specially developed for Samurai. With many washes and wears, you will find the indigo will fade to a more contrasted look!

This shirt has some very quality and natural mother pearl buttons and slowly hand made in “Chain-stitching Construction” and the fit also very elegant for your semi-casual style~

If you are looking for some beautiful B.D shirt to age along with, this is an ideal one!

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