Pure Blue Japan PBE-019 Denims (Relax Tapered fit)
April 16, 2018

Pure Blue Japan PBE-019 Denims (Relax Tapered fit)

Turn back time with each wear. Your character and soul will transform your jeans! This is PBJ magic!

With a grand indigo dyed warp, the neppy surface is full of texture. Utilising a newly developed material, the weft is made of ’Sunburnt’ cotton. In the beginning the snow white appearance is bold in contrast. With use, you’ll see the snow white weft turn back time and age to a vintage beige look.

The 17.5oz denim is sturdy yet comfortable for daily use and will show off some of the most unique ageing we’ve seen so far. For those who like the comfort of more room in the rise, hip and thigh these are a perfect choice for you!

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