Pure Blue Japan Cotton Velvet C.P.O Jacketed Shirt
March 29, 2024

Pure Blue Japan Cotton Velvet C.P.O Jacketed Shirt

Pure Magic! A velvet goldmine waiting to be unearthed!

This C.P.O Jacketed Shirt is constructed with PBJ's specially developed medium-weight cotton velvet which is slowly woven from the vintage machine. This cotton velvet is made of the finest long-fibre cotton that has a natural oil in it, that comes with a silky smooth touch and luxurious sheen. The colour is yarn-dyed, with wear and wash, it will age to a more soulful look.

Featuring side and chest pockets, perfect for enjoying the texture on your hands, complete with snap pockets on the chest and down the front for that metallic pop. Engraved with the iconic indigo leaf that makes PBJ’s logo, this piece is sure to cause a quiet sensation - muffled by the soft velvet, no doubt!

If you are looking for an 'All-Season' jacketed shirt, this is a magical collection!

This season they come with Black & Navy!

Pure Blue Japan