Pure Blue Japan 9oz "BORO Style" Jacquard Scarf
June 06, 2023

Pure Blue Japan 9oz "BORO Style" Jacquard Scarf

Everyday comfort, everyday luxury with PBJ.

Famous for use over many generations, the 'BORO' farming suit is an icon of Japan's workwear history. PBJ has taken this inspiration to a modern standard yet again, introducing us to their specially developed new products!

To create this amazing fabric, PBJ starts with a genuine indigo thread dyed blue colourway and sulphur-dyed threads for a brown colourway to achieve a contrasted look. Using vintage jacquard weaving machines, PBJ then slowly weave the pattern section by section to create the 'BORO style' appearance. With details mimicking the repair stitches, replacement patches and soft wear, the overall look is uniform but has incredible depth. With time, this fabric will gradually fade to a soulful vintage look with more layers of indigo revealed.

Wrap this one up this winter for a cosy vibe, let's watch it age with time!

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Pure Blue Japan