Pure Blue Japan 11oz Indigo Dyed ‘Wooly' Track Jacket
April 28, 2019

Pure Blue Japan 11oz Indigo Dyed ‘Wooly' Track Jacket

Specially developed for your enjoyment!

The creativity of PBJ is really shining! To make a more durable, daily garment, this one has been made up of cotton, wool and acrylic fibres. This means you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of wool but the washability and strength of cotton.

Made using vintage loopwheel machines, the fabric feels fluffy on the inner side and smooth on the outer side. For contrast, the ribbed sleeves and waist have been made using vintage jacquard machines, reminding us of vintage knitwear.

Using PBJ’s famous indigo dying techniques, you’ll enjoy the many beautiful indigo shades with time. With flat seam construction and a ribbed, this is the perfect one for those colder days! Use the side pockets and stay cosy.

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Pure Blue Japan