Orgueil OR-1047 13oz Denims (Relaxed Tapered fit)
March 18, 2019

Orgueil OR-1047 13oz Denims (Relaxed Tapered fit)

Inspired by the past, re-imagined totally different!

When you see these in person, it feels like going back in time! From the neppy texture to the sunburnt inner herringbone twill pocket bags, everything has a soul of its own.

The 13oz fabric is made up of African cotton using vintage machines, you can see the uniquely brown shaded coloured threads when looking up close. Using ivory coloured stitches, the contrast adds a unique feel. With time this amazing fabric, will age to a well used, vintage look.

With oxidised rivets and black coated WWII donut buttons, it feels familiar but so interesting. True to Orgueil’s vintage taste, the inner waistband features hidden suspender buttons.

In terms of fit, this 1947 inspired style is a relaxed tapered fit. Cosy with a hoody and elegant with a coat and dress shoes!

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