Orgueil 'Benz' Leather Belts
May 04, 2020

Orgueil 'Benz' Leather Belts

Wrap some quality ‘BENZ' around your waist!

Created with an elegant, slim brass buckle and loop, this one is a great choice for a semi-casual style, ivy vibe!

Made using the 'benz' section of the cowhide (AKA the hips), this leather has a high density of fibre which will retain its shape for longer thanks to it’s strength. With time, the black colour will gain some special sheen.

Thanks to being made with fish-shaped cut out holes the buckle pin won’t distort each hole with use, making up for a more elegant look.

Stamped with the famous ‘Pointing hand’ design of the past, this one will no-dobut gain a soul of its own with time!

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