Orgueil 13oz ‘German’ Cotton Trousers (Natural Tapered fit)
February 10, 2019

Orgueil 13oz ‘German’ Cotton Trousers (Natural Tapered fit)

Originating from the german military, these are a uniquely robust!

Nicknamed ‘German code cloth’, this 100% cotton fabric has a soft furry feeling and a horizontal, zig-zag texture. It’s comfy against the skin and sturdy enough for daily work use. 

Created using vintage workmen style construction, the waist features a v-shaped backside for a three-demensional fit. This is special detail seen throughout the early 1900s.

With a once washed, vintage feeling and Waldes zipper, these feel durable yet comfy and will only get better with time as the over-dyed colour ages.

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