Orgueil by Studio D'Artisan "Neppy Denim" Trench Coat
September 07, 2016

Orgueil by Studio D'Artisan "Neppy Denim" Trench Coat

Introducing Orgueil - a new brand we bring in this season. The word "orgueil" is from french means "pride". Orgueil is a special line made by Studio D'Artisan focusing on revive the design from early 20th century. Pieces from Orgueil are full of beautiful vintage details and proudly crafted in Japan.

We bring in this beautiful trench coat from Orgueil. It is made of a 12.5oz nep denim fabric which blended with 88% of cotton and 12% linen. The fabric is in a beautiful vintage french blue color with a neppy texture which makes the ageing in the future super unique. The 12% linen makes the fabric much more breathable.

The design takes inspiration from a vintage french trench coat. You will find a lot of beautiful curving lines in it - like the big round collar & the drop shape side pockets. Not just designs, it also goes with some amazing vintage details. you will find that every buttons are made of coconut shells with some beautiful carving details.

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Orgueil Studio D'Artisan