Momotaro "Polka Dots" Jacquard Aloha S/S Shirt
November 03, 2022

Momotaro "Polka Dots" Jacquard Aloha S/S Shirt

Talking about the Polka Dots design, it is always a Japanese favourite! Today, we would like to introduce you to this brand new “Polka Dots” Jacquard Aloha S/S Shirt from Momotaro!

This specially developed fabric is made with 87% long-fibre Zimbabwe cotton and 13% Linen, slowly woven from the vintage jacquard knitting machine at a very slow pace. This lightweight cotton/lien is super breathable and also very dense, which you can wear for leisure or work in the summertime!

The large open-collar design has been inspired by classic Hawaiian aloha shirts from the 50s. The combined single needle and chain stitch construction ensures this garment will remain durable through many years of wear!

If you are looking for a simple and elegant design Aloha S/S Shirt, look no further than Momotaro!

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