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Momotaro Lightweight Moleskin Polka Dot B.D Shirts


Here we have a new classic button down shirt from Momotaro! A remix of traditional polka dot patterns and super soft moleskin fabric!

For those who have never tried moleskin fabric before, we guarantee you will be impressed! The surface of the fabric is super soft to the touch and has a slightly furry feeling. On the reverse side it has a silky smooth texture, this balance of texture and softness is perfect for your summer time fit! To make such a fabric, Momotaro have to use very old machinery in order to achieve the perfect texture. With wear, the overdyed colour will age to a soft vintage look!

From the irregular tones of colour on each button to the exposed selvage on the side hem, Momotaro’s meticulous details are always on point! If you are looking for a versatile, slim fitted button down for the upcoming season, this a great option for you!

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