Momotaro Indigo "Bamboo Stalk" S/S Workshirt
October 21, 2023

Momotaro Indigo "Bamboo Stalk" S/S Workshirt

Another practical piece to enjoy this summer!

Bamboo is one of the most iconic symbols of Asian culture, with many deep meanings and folk stories. The bamboo stalk represents longevity and the wealth of the beholder.

Specially developed for an airy summer shirt, this loosely woven lightweight cotton fabric is super comfy! The grand indigo-dyed threads have a dark rich tone and create a beautiful contrast against the pattern. The bamboo pattern has been skilfully discharge printed like vintage bandanas and has a very crisp aesthetic that will slowly soften in time to a soulful look.

Made with dense, carved wooden buttons the front side has a charming appearance. The relaxed-looking chest pocket and classic collar make for an easy-to-wear shirt that's perfect for summer.

Throw this one on for your next-day trip!

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