Momotaro 18oz 'Indigo X Beige' 0405-BESP Denim (High Tapered Fit)
January 30, 2023

Momotaro 18oz 'Indigo X Beige' 0405-BESP Denim (High Tapered Fit)

MOMO', taking us back - Rustic and ready!

We've got something a little unusual from Momo for you this time! They've brought us a very tasty pair of Indigo x Beige 18oz jeans!

Made with Momo's signature 100% Zimbabwean cotton, these are woven with beige thread-dyed weft and grand indigo thread-dyed warp, which gives a subtle colouration that will develop with time and age. The beige, right from the outset, adds a vintage quality to the jeans, and with wear will fade gracefully to a really stunning vintage look.

The beige weft isn't the only neat detail here: these also feature the signature Momo pink inseam selvedge, hidden rivets, custom-engraved buttons, cow-leather patch, and Jacquard pocket lining. Of course, the classic GTB stripes adorn the back pocket, this time in a light beige colour.

0405-BESP is a High Tapered fit which means it has a higher rise, a bigger thigh & is aggressively tapered down from the knee.

Generally speaking, this pair of denim fit perfectly for customers who have big thighs and also love the slim tapered fit!

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