Momotaro 16oz GTB “Seaman" Denim Jacket
April 10, 2019

Momotaro 16oz GTB “Seaman" Denim Jacket

Call this one ‘Going to Beach’!

Inspired by vintage United States Naval uniforms, this style is a classic look for fans of USN style. Momotaro have brought this original design to a modern standard. With riveted pockets and denim jacket style cuffs, this is mixture of classic denim details and naval wear.

In a once washed denim, this one is already super soft and ready to go! Enjoy the high contrast ageing with time, you’ll see the irregular vertical texture become enhanced.

The sought after ‘Going to battle’ stripes on the sleeves will only get better with time. If you’re after a quality denim jacket, this is a great choice and in a unique style!

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