Momotaro '15TH ANNIVERSARY' 15.7oz 15THL040 Denim (High Tapered fit)
February 08, 2022

Momotaro '15TH ANNIVERSARY' 15.7oz 15THL040 Denim (High Tapered fit)

We've got a MOMO surprise for you!

In addition to Momotaro's previous drop for their 15th anniversary, they also released this 15.7oz left-hand twill denim version. A whole different denim world to explore!

For this edition, they hit us with the left hook! This specially woven 15.7oz denim is created with a left-hand twill, which results in a softer, more vertical texture than their standard right-hand twill denim. The weft is dyed in grand indigo whereas the warp is a beige-grey tone. This combination of threads results in an extra dark indigo tone. With time, expect to see some strong vertical indigo fading contrast.

For a luxury standard, MOMO used an indigo-dyed deerskin patch. The patch's colour will gradually darken and gain a shiny patina, like a rare jewel. The silver colour stamped '15th' adds some tasteful contrast. As for the inner pocket bags, MOMO used a printed HBT fabric for comfort. The inner yoke also gets special lining with 15th-anniversary indigo chambray with a jacquard woven design. For even more contrast, the front buttons are made up of iron, but gold plated for a luxury standard!

If you're after a super collectable pair of Momotaro Denim, why not try this left-hand twill special edition?

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