Momotaro 15.7oz 'Indigo X Black' IBSP Denim
April 13, 2023

Momotaro 15.7oz 'Indigo X Black' IBSP Denim


Momo bringin' the perfect everyday comfortable wear!

Here we have a stunning Indigo x Black denim in a medium weight of 15.7oz. Momo has played with the warp and weft here, to great effect! Featuring a grand indigo-dyed warp yarn, for that rich indigo, and then sulphur-dyed weft yarn, to really achieve that deep dark colour. In brand-new condition, this denim appears jet black, however, with wear and washing you will start to see lighter indigo hues, more and more, as it ages to a beautiful high-contrast look! If you look closely on the seams and pocket edges you can see the blue just waiting to poke through! 

The black weft isn't the only neat detail here. These also feature hidden rivets, custom-engraved buttons, a natural indigo dyed deerskin leather patch, and Jacquard pocket lining. Of course, they feature the signature Momo battle stripes on the back pocket too, here in a striking two-tone that mirrors the warp and weft dyes of the jean! 

Gear up and get fade! This pair of Momotaro jeans is sure to look stunning as it ages with wear, and will keep you in good stead. 

Grab in three different fits: