Momotaro 15.7oz 'Blackout' LSP denim
May 08, 2023

Momotaro 15.7oz 'Blackout' LSP denim

Here we have the latest series from Momo'! We've been waiting on this for a long time!

Momotaro's pure black denim is one of our most sought-after denim, this time they released some really special ones for us to enjoy!

Made from black sulphur-dyed warp and weft, this 15.7oz black denim has a super black appearance in brand-new condition. Most black denim only ages to a dull grey, However, these will age to a beautiful white creased look with high contrast.

The iconic Going To Battle Stripes have been applied in vegetable-tanned cowhide panels to add a third dimension to the look. With time you'll see some beautiful patina shine out and contrast against the denim. With a matching black overdyed cowhide leather patch and coated iron buttons at the fly, it's a beautiful tonal black style. For classic contrast, the front rivets are natural copper colour which will slowly oxidise to a vintage look.

If you've been seeking some of the best pure black denim, this version from MOMO might be the ultimate choice!

Grab in three fits: 

B0306-LSP Denim (Slim Tapered fit)

B0405-LSP Denim (High Tapered fit)


B0605-LSP Denim (Natural Tapered fit)