Momotaro 10oz Indigo ‘Wabash’  Workcoat Styled Shirt
September 14, 2017

Momotaro 10oz Indigo ‘Wabash’ Workcoat Styled Shirt

When it comes to indigo gear, the Momotaro wabash shirt is a true classic!! As one of the most recognisable workwear inspired styles we have today, these are a great versatile item to have in your collection!

To create the iconic wabash fabric, M omotaro weave the 100% cotton fabric on vintage machines using grand dyed indigo thread. Then the detailed pattern is skilfully discharge printed into the indigo fabric. This means that with wear you can expect the fabric to show many shades of grand dyed indigo alongside the sutble discharged pattern. After time the fabric will begin to fade a high contrast look!

From the extra large 'work coat’ style urea buttons to the two chest pockets (one external and one internal) the functional design means you can wear it as a shirt or even a jacket!

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