Lewis Leathers X Liam Alvy 'Prowling Tiger' Tubular Tee
December 05, 2023

Lewis Leathers X Liam Alvy 'Prowling Tiger' Tubular Tee

Hot off the printer, we're pleased to bring you Lewis Leathers latest charming graphic tees. They've worked with renowned British tattooist and artist Liam Alvy, taking his playful tiger imagery and slapping on their excellent tees. Drawing from old-school tattoo imagery, these graphics are sure to add a pop to any outfit. The artist and the brand couldn't be more well-matched; a perfect symbiosis of vintage vibes! 

Entirely made in England with their traditional tubular weaving techniques, these tees are formed of wonderfully soft organic cotton. Made without a side seam for extra comfort, these are easy to wear and quite breathable. Perfect for summer! 

In addition to the striking chest design that gives the shirt its name, with the artist's signature tucked neatly underneath, this piece also features a glittering gold LL's emblem on the sleeve. Add a ribbed collar for a final touch and you're ready to go! 

Come in two colors:

Click here to purchase black version


Click here to purchase white version


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