Lewis Leathers Black Horsehide Lightning 391T (Tight Fit)
May 18, 2018

Lewis Leathers Black Horsehide Lightning 391T (Tight Fit)

When talking about Lewis Leathers, of course we won't forget their rider's style jacket. 

The 391T is one of the most classic model which originally released in 1958 and became an all time best seller from the 70s till today. The classic 4 side adjuster belt design is considered as the most classic design for British motorcycle jackets. Like 551T, the 391T is also an iconic leather jacket style if you talk about British punk rock. The jacket is famous for favorited by Joe Strummer of The Clash and leave a mark on the history of punk rock. 

We choose the black horsehide for the shell and black silky stain for the lining, It will keep you warm through this winter and you will definitely expect a beautiful ageing through time.

The Lewis Leathers jackets are Made in England. But we sell the Japan exclusive version which is a slimmer-fit. Better for those who want to wear them not just for Motorcycling.

We promise, you won’t regret a Lewis Leather jacket. You will enjoy yours for a lifetime!

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