Legend "Stippled" Small Pendant with 22k Gold Emblem (P-17-S)
October 07, 2022

Legend "Stippled" Small Pendant with 22k Gold Emblem (P-17-S)

More silver accessories for a luxurious life!

This silver pendant is designed to match perfectly with your silver set with an elegant eye-catching design! The 22k gold eagle logo represents the spirit animal that can communicate with the God of the Sun.

Using decades of experience, Legend builds each pendant layer by layer. Firstly, the craftsman creates the base shape using their hand-hammered ‘stippling’ effect. This is a seriously slow and demanding process! The ‘eagle’ decoration is then created separately, engraved by hand using a luxury standard 22k gold!

Finally, the separate layers are joined together to form the final design before being polished by hand. This is an extremely delicate and complex process that yields a unique, multi-dimensional style!

With time, the 925 silver will age to a rich black oxidised look, and the immense level of detail will only become stronger!

If you are looking for a luxury silver pendant to complete your silver set, Legend could be a perfect choice!

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