Legend "Spiritual Feather" Silver Pendant
July 24, 2023

Legend "Spiritual Feather" Silver Pendant

Inspired by the classic Native American "Kazekiri" feather pendant design, Legend do this design even more elegant and detailed!

The beautifully curved stem has an elegant curve which is much more exaggerated than other brands. Inspired by the highly respected eagles in Native American and Japanese culture, these feel so godly if you see them in person.

With time, the rich custom 925 silver made by Nao (Legend’s founder and sole craftsman) will age to a beautiful dark, high-contrast look with all details becoming more apparent. A one-of-a-kind aged look that is very sought after amongst jewellery collectors.

If you’re looking to create a personalised, masterpiece standard necklace, this is the choice for you. The possibilities are endless!

Come with Small, Medium and Large Size!