Legend Small Silver Necklace With “Flora" T-Bar
April 19, 2019

Legend Small Silver Necklace With “Flora" T-Bar

With more time comes more beauty!

As we’ve seen with Legend’s collection of silver art, each and every piece is so creatively made!

Looking closely, you can see that each link has been perfectly polished and the joints are basically invisible to the eye! This is the big difference between a quality made chain and a cheap one. 

The decoratively made closure features a detailed flora T Bar closure. With time these will become aged beautifully. No matter how you set up your pendants, this T-Bar will compliment it nicely.

With time, the inner sections and details will age to a darker look! A unique ageing look which matches your pendants so nicely.

If you’re looking to get your necklace game going, this is where it all starts!

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