Legend Silver Necklace With Size Small "Eagle" Safety Pin
February 25, 2024

Legend Silver Necklace With Size Small "Eagle" Safety Pin

Luxury silver accessories with attitude!

We are excited to introduce Legend's latest masterpiece, their brand new "Eagle" Safety Pin silver chain!

Hand-crafted by Nao, the silver artisan behind Legend, this piece showcases his decades of experience, honing and perfecting his craft!
Each part is built carefully layer by layer to achieve the finished product.
The safety pin design inspired by punk rock subcultures of the 70s and 80s is crafted with luxury-grade 925 silver. The striking eagle head design is carefully hand-crafted before being carefully set over the safety pin. Finally, these are attached to the silver chain. Looking closely, you can see that each silver chain link has been perfectly polished and the joints are nearly invisible to the eye! This is the big difference between a quality-made chain and a cheap one.

With time, the high-grade 925 silver will age to a rich black oxidised look. The immense level of detail will only become stronger as it ages and will match your pendants nicely!

If you are looking to upgrade your silver chain to that HEIRLOOM STANDARD, Legend is one you won't want to miss out on!

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