Legend "Flying Eagle Pendant" Earring
January 11, 2023

Legend "Flying Eagle Pendant" Earring

Legendary silver art!

Legend continues to amaze us with its beautiful and intricate silver art designs and this latest 'eagle' pendant earring is no different!

Using decades of experience, Legend builds each piece layer by layer. Firstly, the craftsman creates the base shape of the earring piece using a hand-hammered ‘stippling’ effect. This is a seriously slow and demanding process! The 'flora' silver patterns are then carefully layered on top. The 'eagle' pendant is skillfully engraved by hand to create a detailed feather design. Finally, each piece is hand polished to a high sheen before being assembled!

With time, the 925 silver will age to a rich black oxidised look, and the immense level of detail will only become stronger!

If you are looking for some amazing silver pendant earrings, then Legend could be a great choice!

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