Legend "Feather" Silver Pendants with Blue Topaz
January 24, 2023

Legend "Feather" Silver Pendants with Blue Topaz

The vault has been opened, and inside a gleaming blue jewel lies neatly nestled on a feather!

Corlection is very pleased to release this stunning BLUE TOPAZ FEATHER from the secret vault, directly from Legend!

Carefully crafted by hand, exclusively by the brand leader and master-artisan Nao himself, the feather has a fully three-dimensional quality. Each tiny fibre flows delicately down and across the piece, curved as though it was flying through the air. Made from rich, custom 925 silver, the feather body shines beautifully in the sun, as though it had just fallen from a soaring eagle!

The beautifully curved stem has an elegant curve which is again much more exaggerated than other brands. This is ‘realism’ style silver art which is extremely difficult to design and create. Inspired by the highly respected eagles in Native American and Japanese culture, these feel so ‘real’.

With time, the rich custom 925 silver made by Nao will age to a beautiful dark, high contrast look with all details and contrast becoming more apparent. A one of a kind aged look which is very sought after amongst jewellery collectors.

And as perfect accent: This feather features a beautifully set, blue topaz stone. The oval shape setting is elegant and appears like a bird's eye view over the rippling ocean. The Blue Topaz gem is a symbol of peacefulness, gracefully watching over you.

This piece is “from the secret vault”, which is when the Nao from Legend sends us a mysterious box that contains unique pieces to be sold in-store only! So these topaz feathers are very rare indeed!