Legend 6mm 'Ivy'  Silver Bungle With Turquoise
September 28, 2018

Legend 6mm 'Ivy' Silver Bungle With Turquoise

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Nature, the creator of elegance and beauty!

Inspired by the delicate yet sharp poison ivy leaves, this bungle is representation of nature’s youth.

In the centre, sits a pure turquoise stone, carefully attached and polished. The turquoise represents the never ending perspective we see when looking up at the sky.

Using decades of experience, Legend build each bangle layer by layer.

Firstly, Yoshihara Nao creates the base shape using their hand hammered 'stippling' effect. This is a seriously slow and demanding process! 

The 'Ivy' decoration is created separately, each curve and smooth edge is completely carved by hand. This level of craftsmanship can not be done any other way. Finally, the seperate layers are joined together to form the final design. 

This is an extremely delicate and complex process that yields a unique, three-dimension style. With so much detail, the polishing process is also completed by hand. From the outside to the inside, the bangle feels super smooth and comfortable. 

For an elegant look, wear it by-itself or stack up multiple for a layered up style.

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