Legend 10MM "Phoenix" Bangled Ring With 22K Gold Emblem (R-3)
August 02, 2022

Legend 10MM "Phoenix" Bangled Ring With 22K Gold Emblem (R-3)

Another piece of cherish with time!

At first glance, this design may look similar to typical grass-like patterns from other silver brands but this design is inspired by the feathers of the Phoenix. Nao skilfully adorns the bangled ring, layer by layer to hammer out the overall pattern and then applies the finer details... like a fine oil paint artist would layer their canvas. When looking over the ring, it's easy to imagine the Phoenix feathers swirling in the wind which gives off a sense of movement!

Created by Nao, the sole craftsman of Legend, each ring is hand-shaped, hammered and polished from a solid piece of a specially developed silver which is purer than the typical 925 and features more dramatic ageing with natural oxidisation. The solid 22k gold emblem is also hand shaped and skilfully attached to the final piece.

Legend strives to create soulful silver art that is genuine in its concept and skilful in its execution. If you are a fan of silver jewellery, this is a very special piece to have!

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