Kawatako "Sakura" Short Wallet (Type H) One Year In Use
July 05, 2016

Kawatako "Sakura" Short Wallet (Type H) One Year In Use

The Kawatako "Sakura" Short Wallet (Type H) is some basic wallet which we have been selling over years. The wallet is constructed with best imported Italian cowhide leather which is vegetable tanned and uneven dyed in Japan.

The "Sakura" color is specially developed by Kawatako which is baby pink in brand new condition.With many uses, you may see the "Sakura" turns to be some salmon colorway, comparing with tan colorway, the ageing way of "Sakura" looks even "CLEANER" and if you scratch the leather, you may see some natural tan color come up as well, however, with several hours in use, the natural tan underneath will turns to salmon colorway again magically.

The embossed logo looks much clear with uses

Hand-finished edge still keep the wallet in a good shape even I place the wallet in back pocket for a year...


The color of interior looks slightly lighter which is a great contrasted look throughout time of uses...

With a year of daily use, the well made wallet still keeps in a good shape (or even a better shape compares to brand new one) and I guess she can still serve me for a decade...