Jelado ‘Wabash’ Horsehide Card Case
October 08, 2017

Jelado ‘Wabash’ Horsehide Card Case

For those who are looking for a functional daily wallet, this is one for you! 

Crafted by hand in Japan, each wallet is made from high grade horse hide which is usually only used for high end products like leather jackets! With long time use the horsehide will gain a rich sheen and display the natural brown-tan colour beneath the surface. 

For added functionality the snap closure helps to keep your belongings safe. As for the inner lining, Jelado have used their own black sulphur dyed wabash fabric! With wear you can expect to see soulful ageing, matching nicely with the natural character of the surrounding horsehide. With a thin form factor, you can easily fit this wallet into your denim jeans or trouser pockets! It’s rare to see this kind of quality horsehide in this price range!! Get yours while you can!

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