Jelado 10oz Indigo Dyed 'Poker' Wabash Shirt
July 06, 2017

Jelado 10oz Indigo Dyed 'Poker' Wabash Shirt

Here we have a very interesting version of one of our favourite basic items, the wabash shirt!

At first glance, the fabric itself of the shirt appears as you expect. But looking closely, you will notice that the wabash pattern is actually made up of playing card symbols! Hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades! This specially created wabash fabric has been genuine indigo dyed, after wear you will see the many beautiful shades of indigo appear! The entire shirt has been created using vintage chain stitching and triple needle construction! The super detailed pocket design has been inspired by the functionality of vintage workwear garments. To match this workwear feel, all of the iron buttons have been oxidised and will also gain even more character with daily use!

If you are a fan of classic workwear styling then this could be a refreshing choice for you!

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