Japan Blue 13.5oz Indigo Dyed "Kouzo" Type 3 Denim Jacket
June 13, 2023

Japan Blue 13.5oz Indigo Dyed "Kouzo" Type 3 Denim Jacket

Classic Type 3 with some secret JB magic!

Here is Japan Blue's latest stunning type 3 denim jacket made with their own specially developed ''Kouzo" denim fabric! This unique fabric is made up of 75% cotton and 25% traditional Japanese 'Washi' handwriting paper made from the Kozo shrub. This material is prized for its high durability, moisture absorption, deodorizing properties and also its special sheen!

The warp yarns are grand indigo dyed before being slowly woven using vintage denim machines. This gives the fabric a smooth yet subtly irregular feeling, and with time it will age to a high-contrast indigo look, with beautiful sky-blue streaks!

Adapting the classic type 3 pattern, JB has updated the fit for a more modern silhouette with a slightly longer vertical length and a more relaxed cut!

If you are looking for a fantastic Japanese type 3 denim jacket at an affordable price, then JB good be a great choice!

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