Iron Heart 17oz Denim Western Shirted Jacket
July 30, 2016

Iron Heart 17oz Denim Western Shirted Jacket

Here is the 'next level’ version of the Iron Heart Western Denim Jacket Shirt!

This version has been constructed with a 17oz selvage denim, compared to the 11.5oz version the grand indigo dye is even darker! This means it is unlike the 11.5oz version and will fade with much stronger contrast and vertical texture after daily wears. Another special detail on this jacket-shirt is the black over-dyed cotton twill used to line the collar cuffs and pocket flaps. This makes the shirted jacket even more durable than before and much more comfortable. Underneath the snap button placket the beautiful red selvage line is visible, another very cool detail on this shirted jacket.

If you love the big contrast fading looks then this is denim jacket for you!!

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Iron Heart