August 16, 2023

Last Chance Inn!

As part of the 'HOME of U.S Series' this tee brings some classic American Charm to your daily fit. The artwork for this piece has been skilfully crafted to reference the 'High Roller' atmosphere of Las Vegas. On the front side, you can see 'Legs 11' surrounded by some hilarious phrases we'll leave to your imagination. The backside features a tasteful design depicting our favourite high roller with his lovely companions.

The subtly irregular cotton fabric has been slowly woven using vintage knitting machines to give it that authentic vintage vibe and texture! The detailed graphics have been carefully screened oil dyed by skilled Japanese craftsmen and will age to a soulful look with time!

If you are looking for a quality, textured tee with bold, vintage-inspired graphics, Freewheelers could be a perfect choice!

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