Full Count X Corlection 2110 ‘Blue Mountain’ Limited Edition Denims
February 09, 2017

Full Count X Corlection 2110 ‘Blue Mountain’ Limited Edition Denims

Here is our new collaboration project with the Full Count! A concept which could have only come to life through natural Australian landscapes. We were inspired by the Blue Mountain and what we would like to create for you is our own ‘Indigo View'.

For these denims we used FC’s 14.25OZ un-even, broken twill denim fabric. On the surface, you can see that the indigo dye is quite rich and has strong depth of colour. The texture of the denim itself is just like the rugged, natural appearance of the Blue Mountain’s beautiful horizon.

The long fibered, Zimbabwe cotton thread used to create the denim fabric we chose makes for a much more comfortable and breathable wearing experience during your daily use.

Our ‘Double Dragon’ patch design represents the collaboration between Full Count & Corlection. It is printed in gold and has been grand indigo dyed as well to match the rest of denims! With wear you can expect the ageing to appear with strong vertical contrast and also see the even ‘mountain’ like appearance come through!

For the inner pockets we used ‘khaki’ coloured herringbone twills cotton fabric! We choose this becuase it reminded us of the hiking gear that is used in the Blue Mountains area.

These limited edition pairs come in a slim tapered fit and have a middle to high rise. This fit is great for those who like extra room in the thigh and a narrower leg opening.

If you are really are a curious ‘indigo thinker’ this is for you, we hope you will enjoy discovering our ‘Indigo View'.

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