Freewheelers "WIGWAG" Indigo Wabash Work Jacket
August 08, 2022

Freewheelers "WIGWAG" Indigo Wabash Work Jacket

Another classic from FW's designed for the modern workwear life!

Let's go back to the 1910s~ where the workmen donned classic workwear! FW has taken some inspiration from these styles but built upon them with more elegant, slimmer fittings and curved patterns to match the body more comfortably.

'Stifel' is that famous Wabash! FW has spent decades revising and improving its Wabash fabric. This 9oz version is genuine indigo thread dyed for a more vintage vibe. Woven using vintage denim machines, the fabric has a subtle vertical texture and irregular surface that feels more 'alive' than even vintage examples. With time you'll see some beautiful, soft contrast ageing against the off-white printed pattern.

Constructed with a combination of single needle and chain stitching machines, this one shows off FW's attention to detail. Looking closely you can see how skilfully they've regulated the curves and stitch distances to make up for an irregular 'vintage' look. With two waist pockets and the iconic watch pocket, this one is practical for your daily use. The large metal buttons are easy to use and give off an authentic workwear vibe when they glimmer in the light.

If you're looking for the perfect 'All-Season' work jacket to enjoy every day, this is the choice!

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