Freewheelers "Weather Paraffin" C.P.O Jacketed Shirt
November 13, 2018

Freewheelers "Weather Paraffin" C.P.O Jacketed Shirt

This shirt is inspired from 1920S U.S Navy C.P.O shirt then Freewheelers re-design it to the next level!

The shirt is constructed with “Weather Paraffin” cotton twill which is specially developed by Freewheelers. It is made of 100% cotton and densely woven from vintage machine then coated with paraffin. That process makes the shirt feels like some lightweight fur in texture and water-resists for wet weathers! The color is over-dyed so throughout time, it will also age to a vintage look gradually!

The C.P.O shirt is a classic jacketed shirt design, you can wear it as a lightweight jacket in warm seasons and heavy weight shirt in cold seasons!

If you are looking for some ‘All-Time-Classic’ C.P.O Jacketed shirt, this is an ideal one for you!

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