November 20, 2021


Holy moleskin!

When talking about some of the best-constructed trousers with premium fabrics and killer designs, you can't ignore Freewheelers!

This latest release is constructed with their specially developed heavyweight moleskin that is made of full-grain, long fibre cotton. It has been slowly woven from the vintage machine to produce a supple yet durable fabric, in brand new condition, it has a beautiful smooth touch that will only get better with time!

This pair features both single-needle and chain stitch construction throughout the garment to ensure it lasts for many years of wear!

In typical Freewheelers fashion, they have maxed out the storage space! You will never need to worry about securing your valuables with two hand pockets, two rear pockets, one coin pocket, one front thigh pocket, and a tool pocket! In addition, the cinch back allows a more customizable fit!

If you are looking for a pair of heavyweight premium moleskin trousers with plenty of tasteful details, Freewheelers 'Utica' Moleskin Trousers could be a perfect choice!

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