Freewheelers "Type L-2" Civilian Model Flight Jacket (Navy)
May 19, 2023

Freewheelers "Type L-2" Civilian Model Flight Jacket (Navy)

Vintage rebuilt! Old Soul Rebirths!

This flight jacket is inspired by the early 1960s civilian model L-2 flight jacket which is very rare to find in the current vintage market and Freewheelers does re-create it for a more fashionable look and higher quality!

Talking about the materials of this jacket, the shell is constructed with brand new deadstock Made In USA '66 nylon twill (originally used for the vintage L-2 Civilian Model) and the zipper is the vintage Made In USA 'Crown' zip.

Construction-wise, this flight jacket uses Japanese lightweight wool ribbings for the collar, cuffs and hem to make sure it will hold its shape over decades of wear! Compare to its original L-2 civilian model design, this jacket has more curvy shapes of pockets' flaps. Fitting is more tailored for a modern look!

Looking for a Made In Japan standard, vintage rebuilt L-2 flight jacket? This is the ultimate version!

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