April 12, 2022


Winter is coming! Freewheelers have delivered the perfect companion with their "Trailblazer" Wool sweater!

A classic piece in any winter wardrobe, the woollen sweatshirt has been favoured by everyone from hardy outdoors types and fishermen to inner-city latte sippers!

Freewheelers have updated this classic style with careful attention to construction, interesting details and premium materials that they are known for!

The long fibre British Shetland wool (which touch feels like some finest cashmere) has been selected by Freewheelers and slowly woven using vintage knitting machines to create an incredibly comfortable sweater with excellent heat retention and next-level texture! The wool fibres are undefatted and retain their cold-resistant properties due to the slightly oily texture of the yarns.

Freewheelers have created a tasteful colour design with different hues of light and dark brown that have been thread-dyed to create a subtle 'heathered' look!

This sweater features knitted ribbed sleeve and waist openings, as well as a close-fitting crew neck design to help keep out the elements! Freewheelers have adapted the classic design to create a more modern, elegant fit!

Whether worn as a piece of outerwear or paired with your favourite jacket or vest, Freewheeler's "Trailblazer" wool sweater is sure to keep you comfortable and cozy this winter!

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